LADOC has been offering a variety of dog training classes, seminars, and special dog related events to the Los Alamos community since 1951. LADOC is dedicated to the promotion of responsible dog ownership and the general education of dog owners so that their canine companions can become valued household members and well-behaved public citizens.

LADOC members come from a diverse background and many dog training disciplines. These disciplines consist of well trained family pets, pet therapy, assistance dogs, competitive obedience/agility, conformation, search and rescue, hunting dogs, herding, barn hunts and schutzhund . Members are also active in shelter programs, breed rescue, and animal related legislation. These backgrounds and disciplines meld into a knowledge base that give LADOC the expertise base it needs to handle a large variety of dog related behavior and training issues.

LADOC is active in the community addressing dog related issues, public education, and assisting other dog related clubs and organizations when it can.