Class Descriptions

Puppy Kindergarten:
LADOC offers a fun puppy class to start your puppy off on the right pay and to build the foundation for you and your puppy’s future relationship. In this class your puppy will learn his basic commands, build his confidence by playing on obstacles and socializing with other puppies. Puppy raising problems and concerns will be addressed. Ages: 12 weeks to 5 months

Basic Manners:
In this class the handler learns how to teach his dog to be a responsive, well-mannered pet. Basic obedience exercises are taught, individual problems are addressed, and responsible pet ownership is encouraged.
Ages: 6 months and older

7 Weeks to a Cool Canine:
In this small group environment, dogs will be separated by visual barriers and gradually introduced to higher level of distractions while building basic focus and impulse control skills.  This is not an obedience class; our focus will be on building a handler-dog relationship with clear, positive communication understood by both canine and human.  These skills will give you and your dog confidence in your relationship and a solid foundation for future fun activities together.  This class is not appropriate for dogs that have dog-dog aggression issues.
Ages: 6 months and older

 Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
For the AKC Canine Good Citizen training program, dogs must have completed a Basic level course or have permission of the instructor before enrolling in the CGC course. In this class dogs learn a variety of skills that are needed in our human world to help the dogs be all-round good citizens. At the end of the course a test of the basic skills is given to each dog/handler team. Successful completion of the test
results in a CGC Certificate being issued. This program is designed by the American Kennel Club and the certificate is issued through the AKC for all breeds and mixes of dogs. For more information on what a CGC is and a description of the tests, follow this link to the AKC. AKC Canine Good Citizen program
Ages: 6 months and older

Beginning Agility:
The dogs learn to go over and through a variety of obstacles. This is a fun, confidence building class for dogs their handlers who have successfully completed a Basic level class and are 12 months or older.

Cujo to Compadre:
 For dogs who growl/lunge/bark at other dogs when on leash. Class will use clicker training to train dogs and owners how to encounter other dogs, calmly when on walks, in classes, etc. Dogs must be able to wait calmly in cars for part of each class, and owners will be required to complete a behavior questionnaire prior to acceptance into class. Dogs who react aggressively to humans are not suitable for this class.

Rally Obedience:
A fun, fast new sport in dog obedience! Handlers lead dogs through a set of exercises that build on basic obedience skills (sit, heel, down, etc) in a timed event that emphasizes teamwork. A great follow-up to our Basic Manners class. See the AKC website for more details about Rally.

Does your dog come when called? Or, does he flip you the paw? In this short course you learn the basic skills to build a reliable come when called on your dog. All ages.

Introduction to Scent Work:
This class focuses on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of food, toys and exercise.  It’s a great class for your dog to have fun, build focus and confidence, burn tons of mental and physical energy, and strengthen their relationship with you. Scent Games can be enjoyed by any dog of any breed, age, temperament or training background, and requires minimal time and equipment. Dogs are run individually and must remain in the handler’s car when they are not being worked.

Continuing Scent Work:
This class is a follow on to the Intro to Sent Work, still using food.  Dogs are run individually and must remain in the handler’s car when they are not being worked.

Introduction to Odor:
This class requires Continuing Scent Work or instructor approval. This class increases scent work skills by exposing them to more complex problems and environments.  Dogs will be introduced to birch odor. Dogs are run individually and must remain in the handler’s car when they are not being worked.

DSC_1578   paRENT Free Club

In this club, youth, age 8 and above, will learn responsible dog ownership, basic manners, dog handling and other fun activities with their dog.