Registration Guidelines


HOW TO REGISTER: Class schedules, fees and registration forms are available on the LADOC website ( and at the LADOC Training Center (246 East Road) shortly before registration opens. You may register in person (at a designated in-person registration event), online or by mail.

A copy of your dog’s current vaccinations and documentation for reduced registration fees (if applicable—see below) MUST be provided with your registration form and payment.


ONLINE REGISTRATIONS: Should you chose to register online, you will receive a confirmation of your registration via email.  Send a copy of the confirmation, with vaccination records and payment to the address of the registrar on the registration form.

Registration is FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED; In-person registrations are given priority to electronic and mail-in registrations. Mail-in and on-line registrations may not be postmarked or time-stamped earlier than the day OF in-person registration. Registration is NOT complete until all vaccination records and payment are received. Registrations received prior to the first day of the registration period will be returned unopened to the sender.

VACCINATION: The following vaccination documentation must be provided at the time of registration:

• For puppies under 4 months of age, proof that the DHPP series of vaccinations has been started is required. For dogs older than 4 months, proof of current DHPP and Rabies vaccinations is required.

• If a dog was vaccinated by a breeder (instead of a veterinarian), a letter from the breeder is required noting such along with the vaccination schedule that was followed

• If you are following a reduced vaccination protocol with your dog, or vaccinating your dog yourself, then current titre reports from your veterinarian are required.

PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is required at time of registration. We will accept cash ONLY during in-person registration sessions; DO NOT MAIL CASH, make checks payable to LADOC.

ADOPTION/STUDENT DISCOUNT: A 30% discount is available for dogs adopted from Animal Shelters or Rescue organizations for the first class the dog takes from LADOC. A copy of the proof of adoption must be sent in with your registration. A 30% discount is available for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. A copy of the proof of enrollment must be sent in with your registration.

REFUND POLICY: A full refund will be provided for withdrawal prior to the close of the registration period. A refund less a $10 handling fee will be given for withdrawal between the close of registration and one week before the class begins. For withdrawals less than one week before class begins, a 50% refund will be provided. (These penalties may be waived under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of LADOC.)

WAITING LIST: If classes fill, we will place names on a waiting list and do our best to schedule additional classes. If too few students enroll in a class, the class may be cancelled. You will be informed by phone or email at least 3 days before classes start if your class is full or cancelled.

CONTACT: Our registrar’s email is Unless you request another form of communication, we will contact you by email to confirm your acceptance into the class for which you are applying. Your email address will NOT be given, sold, or used for any other purposes except to contact you about the class for which you are registering.

 HANDLERS/CHILDREN IN CLASS: We strongly recommend one primary handler for each dog for the duration of the class. Children under 15 are not allowed to handle dogs in class without specific approval from the instructor. A parent or guardian must also be present during instruction. For the safety of the child and our other class participants, if the child proves not to be able to handle the dog or is inattentive in class, a parent or guardian will be asked to handle the dog. LADOC occasionally offers classes specifically for

AGGRESSIVE DOGS: Dogs that are aggressive toward people or other dogs will be dismissed from the class at the discretion of the instructor. Contact the instructor or Director of Training ( prior to class if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior in a group setting.

DOG AGE REQUIREMENTS AND PRE-REQUISITES: Please ensure your dog meets the age and pre-requisites established by the instructor. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the instructor. Pay particular attention to the posted age guidelines for PUPPY KINDERGARTEN as they vary by instructor.