Rescue to Home Workshop

From the Rescue to the Home
with JJ Belcher of Sublime Canine

JJ will take you on  a behind the scenes journey that many rescue dogs go on before reaching your home. This seminar is designed for dog owners who have or are in the process of adopting a dog.  It will also benefit new puppy owners and new dog owners in general.

Topics to be discussed include setting up your home, car rides, crate training, introduction to housemates, socialization, and the art of communicating with your dog. We will go over common behavior problems such as nervousness and separation anxiety and how to solve and prevent those
problems. Our goal is to reduce the return rate to animal shelters due to behavior problems.

The first day of the seminar consists of lecture, video, and discussion. The second day will include working with dogs. Working spots are available if you wish to participate with your dog; participants who will be working a dog must participate in both days.

May 5 lecture only: $25
May 5 lecture and May 6 audit: $40
May 5 lecture and May 6 working spot: $100

Los Alamos Dog Obedience Club
246 East Rd, Los Alamos, NM 87544
Seminar begins at 9:00 each day

For more information or questions call Susan Ramsay 505-660-6677


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About JJ
JJ’s story begins in the late 90’s when he adopted a dog named Max from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and enrolled him into an obedience class. JJ quickly progressed from student to intern, studying dog training methods and apprenticing under some of the top dog trainers in the business. By 2000 he was certified as a professional dog trainer and opened Sublime Canine in 2004. JJ is an incredibly passionate and experienced trainer that love dogs and want to help others develop a solid relationship with their dog through obedience, socialization and behavior management so they too can enjoy fully what having a dog can add to their lives. To learn more about the Sublime Canine story visit Sublime Canine website.

JJ offers an on-line course through Leerburg that he will be drawing from for this seminar. There is a free preview link where you can get a glimpse of what you will hear as well as a little bit about JJ.   Rescue to Home preview